FAQs is back: Your nubia Z60 Ultra questions answered

FAQs is back: Your nubia Z60 Ultra questions answered

FAQs are back! With the continuous interest in the nubia Z60 Ultra, it's completely understandable that our ever-expanding community has a host of new, pressing questions. Riding on the wave of our previous edition's success, we've compiled an updated list of FAQs, ensuring you have all the essential information about your nubia purchase. From navigating through uncertainties to experiencing the joy of uncovering new features, let's explore these questions together and keep you seamlessly informed!


Table of Contents:

  1. Latest Operating System Update
  2. nubia Z60 Ultra Warranty Policies Across Regions
  3. Charger Specifications
  4. Dual SIM Support
  5. Fast Charging Protocol
  6. Network Compatibility
  7. Addressing the Green Dot Issue
  8. Display Screen Material
  9. Wi-Fi Calling Support
  10. Front Camera Clarity

Latest Operating System and Updates

Understanding the importance of staying updated, we are committed to providing regular system updates for up to three years from the date of purchase. This commitment ensures that your device remains secure and performs at its peak, keeping you ahead in the fast-evolving world of smartphone technology.


nubia Z60 Ultra Warranty Policies Across Regions

  • EU & UK Store Warranty Policy: Customers in the EU and UK are covered by a 24-month warranty for both the nubia Z60 Ultra and any accessories, demonstrating our confidence in our products and dedication to customer satisfaction.
  • Global Warranty Policy: Our global warranty includes a 12-month warranty for devices and a 6-month warranty for accessories, providing worldwide coverage that underscores nubia's commitment to reliability and customer support.
  • US Store Warranty Policy: In the United States, nubia backs its devices with a 12-month warranty and accessories with a 6-month warranty, ensuring quality assurance and customer satisfaction for all purchases made through our official US store.
  • Mexico Store Warranty Policy: Customers in Mexico receive the same robust warranty as our global customers, with a 12-month warranty on devices and a 6-month warranty on accessories, offering steadfast support and peace of mind from our official MX store.

Charger Specifications

The nubia Z60 Ultra's charger is a robust 80W power adapter, designed to ensure your device charges quickly and efficiently. This high wattage charger, equipped with the QC4+ fast charging protocol, significantly reduces charging time, keeping you connected and on the move.


Dual SIM Support

For those requiring multiple network connections, the nubia Z60 Ultra offers convenient dual SIM support. This feature is especially useful for users who juggle personal and professional calls or travel frequently, ensuring connectivity across different networks.


Network Compatibility

We understand the importance of seamless network connectivity. The nubia Z60 Ultra is designed for flexibility across various networks. While we can't guarantee universal compatibility with all carriers, the phone supports a broad spectrum of frequencies. For the best experience, we recommend checking your service provider's compatibility with our device. For detailed information on the supported frequencies and to make a purchase, please visit our product page.


Resolving the Green Dot in nubia Z60 Ultra

The green dot visible on some nubia Z60 Ultra screens is linked to its Under Display Camera, not a screen defect. Adjusting the Area's brightness and color settings (Red, Green, Blue) can effectively reduce the dot's visibility, enhancing your viewing experience.


Display Screen Material

The screen of the nubia Z60 Ultra features Gorilla Glass 5. This choice material ensures that your device's screen is not only stunning but also resistant to the wear and tear of daily use, providing peace of mind alongside premium quality.


Wi-Fi Calling Support

Staying connected is essential and one of the key features of the nubia Z60 Ultra is its Wi-Fi calling capability, depending on the functionality supported by your network provider. Allowing calls over a Wi-Fi network adds an extra layer of convenience whenever normal cellular signal is weak or unavailable. Please note: Check with your network carrier for more information on Wi-Fi calling.

Front Camera Clarity

The nubia Z60 Ultra's front camera employs Under Display Camera, a feature that brings innovation right to your fingertips. While this technology enhances the phone's aesthetics, it may affect camera clarity in dimly lit environments. We recommend optimal lighting conditions for clearer front camera shots.


Keep your questions coming 

We hope these answers provide clarity and enhance your experience with the nubia Z60 Ultra. For more insights and information, don't forget to check out our previous FAQ blog. Stay tuned for more updates, and don't hesitate to reach out with further inquiries on our social media and support channels. Your journey with nubia is important to us, and we're here to assist every step of the way.